Tatiana Trouvé.


Tatiana Trouvé, High Tension, installation view. Artwork © Tatiana Trouvé, photo by Annette Kradisch.

High Tension: 8 Winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize” at the Red Brick Museum, Beijing, China.

On view May 27 through August 27, 2017.
Reuniting some of the winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize (created in 2000 by the ADIAF, Association for the International Diffusion of French Art), this exhibition demonstrates the tremendous vitality and diversity of the French contemporary art scene. It brings together 8 artists strongly committed to their uncompromising approach to today’s world. A sensitive and sometimes critical approach that takes into consideration the circulation of information, the impact of new technologies, urban developments and the memory of warring conflicts…

These artists challenge an art walled in by its own history. They observe the world and remap the contemporary landscape. Reacting to political and social evolutions, they act in response to current events and denounce their excesses.

‘High-tension,’ meaning the refusal of neutrality, coming from artists in debate with contemporary society and its contradictions. Here, art is message, reflection, and field of investigation. But also, ‘high-tension’ meaning the transmission of energy: by manipulating images or constructing imaginary spaces, these artists show us a high voltage world; a world reinvented yet founded on reality and imbued with poetry.

The proposals of Tatiana Trouvé (Marcel Duchamp Prize 2007 winner) reveal an ambiguity with respect to reality, turning out to be pure mental constructions when they are deployed in space. They often take everyday objects but their positioning or the combination of materials send them in-between. The artist invents confusing architectural volumes, and places his sculptures unexpectedly, playing on the fragmentation of spaces and the ruptures of scale.

The exhibition is organized by the Red Brick Art Museum, supported by French Embassy in China, and curated by Tang Zehui with the help of the curatorial assistant Liang Xiao.


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