For the 9th year of Creative Time Summit, Of Homelands and Revolution will take place in Toronto, Canada from September 28th – 30th, 2017, co-produced with The Power Plant and in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Ontario.


Of Homelands and Revolution explores the concept of ‘home’ in its intimate and immense dimensions: we consider urgent struggles for sovereign homelands, the violent borders that produce exile, displacement, and refugeeism, and the threats of virulent nationalism(s). At the same time we keep in sight ‘home’s’ relation to the heart, and the everyday and extraordinary realms of domestic life and hospitality. Our consideration of ‘revolution,’ the Summit’s second thematic axis, takes as its point of departure the Centennial of the Russian Revolution. While certainly the legacy of this historic moment can be contested, the Bolshevik Revolution was a remarkable event that, in the words of Trotsky, one of its principal architects, allowed for the “direct interference of the masses in historic events.” 100 years later we look back at the Marxist tradition and at the many forms of radical sociality, aesthetics and anti-capitalist organizing that it has inspired, particularly in light of the resurgence of neoliberalism and the global turn to the right today.


The 2017 Summit invites participants to consider the many-layered political and aesthetic understandings of home alongside social movements—revolutionary ones at that—which have sought to summon a broader dream of social justice. Present in both of the Summit’s main thematic threads are ongoing movements led by indigenous peoples across continents and the multiple relations between home, land, culture, and community that they bring to bear.


The first day of the Summit will feature dynamic talks and presentations from an international roster of artists and activists to a live audience of over 1000 at Koerner Hall. The following day there is opportunity for further engagement via roundtables and breakout sessions at the AGO led by day-one speakers and Toronto area artists and organizers who were invited to participate or selected via an open call.


Speaker list and ticket sales go live on June 28.



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